While watching last nights episode of Dancing with the Stars they had a feature singer, it was Classical week, and she performed “Ave, Maria” and “Dark Waltz”. Now I can’t carry a tune in a bucket but I do know a great singer when I hear one. This little girl is absolutely incredible.

I was actually working on the computer while watching the show so I wasn’t paying attention when they introduced her. I just heard this voice, looked up and saw this little bitty person singing. “Ave, Maria” is not an easy song, very high notes, but a beautiful song. I had to find out more about her so I went and found her website and some more video of her performing.

She reminded me of Charlotte Church who was a preteen when she became an International star. Jackie is from Pittsburgh and was discovered on America’s Got Talent. She didn’t win though, placing second in the competition. If she got second then first place must have been phenomenal. As in most of these reality competitions second place winners usually become the bigger stars. That has happened with Jackie.

Last June Jackie released her first album, “Dream With Me”, and hit the top of the charts. She then released a Christmas album called “Heavenly Christmas.” She is currently touring the U.S. and appearing with some big names like Tony Bennett at the ripe old age of…12.

For more information on this small girl with a big angelic voice check out her personal website.