An article caught my eye today and as I read it I was amazed at how 'political correctness' is destroying our society. It seems you can't have your own thoughts, feelings, actions, or even aspire to do great things because it might hurt someones feelings.

The article I'm referring too is that of a Massachusetts principal who called off an Honors night celebration because those that didn't do well in class might get their feelings hurt. While I see his point, isn't that or shouldn't that be considered 'motivation'?

If you work hard and strive to achieve high goals then you should be rewarded not punished. This kind of reminds of a 'community tip jar' where all tips are split equally between wait staff. However, if someone is giving bad service it doesn't matter, they are still going to get the same tip as the person who is doing a much better job.

Why would someone want to work hard if they get the same as the person who doesn't and vice versa; the person who is a lazy, slacker won't do as much because there is no incentive to do a better job than they already are.

What are your thoughts on this subject? Are we lowering our standards to make sure everyone is 'happy'? Do you think canceling the Honors celebration was fair to the students who earned it?