The extent of Jake Owen's hand injury is more clear now. The country star has shared some pretty nasty details about the busted hand, sustained in a go-cart accident earlier this month. As it turns out, Owen's right hand may never completely heal.

Jake is a pretty active guy who enjoys golf, surfing and, well, apparently go-kart racing. But he tells CMT that he isn't sure if he'll ever be able to do any of those activities again.Oh yeah, he also plays guitar, and Owen doesn't know if that will be a possibility at this point.

The 'Barefoot Blue Jean Night' singer flipped a go-kart he was racing his friends, NASCAR stars Clint Bowyer and Kevin Harvick on July 7th. He was wearing full safety equipment as he drove about 40MPH when he stood up. To those watching the accident in-person, the immediate concern was whether he had sustained a head injury. Jake tells the story:

"[Spectators] saw me flip on my head and then flip back over. But then I was like, 'God, my hand hurts.' Then I looked at my hand and the glove was just disintegrated. After seeing that, I was in shock."

Owen went to a local hospital where he was stitched up, and then he flew back to Tennessee, where doctors "basically put my fingers back on."

"I shattered my fingers - the bones inside. The doctor said it was like taking a cinderblock and dropping it on your hand. Like it spider webbed the bones inside my fingers. So he had to suture the bones back up to even make it a bone and then put a screw in there to keep it together."

The pain has been intense, but Owen used the victims of the recent Boston marathon bombing as inspiration and motivation to not miss any shows.

"All I could think about was, 'I'm not about to bail on Boston, a city where people just lost arms and legs and from this coward [expletive] bomber. I thought that if those people are Boston strong, then I'm gonna be Boston strong. It's just a finger."

While Jake Owen may not be able to play guitar, there's one thing he misses in his hands more than his axe. His 8-month old daughter.

I don't know if I'll ever be able to bend my fingers the same, which is weird because I like to play golf. There are so many things I wanna do - hold Pearl, golf, play guitar. I can't even go on my boat. I mean, I can float around, but I like to surf. But mostly, I just want to hold Pearl.

Jake's hand will require about another two months of healing before doctors can even make an accurate prognosis. In the meantime, Owen is still plugging along on tour, singing but not playing guitar.