Jana Kramer started her career as an actress but a couple of years ago she decided to change her focus to music. She just released a new song and video and is working on a second album. Her latest song is the third release from her self-titled album.

The song "I Hope It Rains" is a little bit of a scorned lover revenge song. In the video you see Jana sneaking into the dressing room of the new fiancee and putting on her wedding gown. She then walks on the reception tables knocking over wine glasses, eating from the wedding cake, playing slip n' slide down the isle, having paint filled balloons thrown at her while wearing the dress,  and well basically doing what she can to ruin the wedding day of her ex.

I wouldn't mess with this chick! She knows how to ruin a good party. Let this be a lesson to men everywhere; don't mess with crazy.

Watch Jana Kramer's New Video for "I Hope it Rains"

You could see Jana perform this song live, on a beach in Mexico (along with her ex-Brantley Gilbert) when they perform at the new all inclusive Hard Rock Hotel in Riviera Maya, Mexico when we send you on a Tropical Nights: Boots In The Sand Getaway. Joining Jana and Brantley in Mexico will be Dierks Bentley and Billy Currington.