In a song that's very reminiscent of Jason Aldean's 'Dirt Road Anthem' because of the Aldean trademark 'Country Hip-Hop' delivery, and that is where all the similarities end. '1994' is a song train that takes you on a trip down memory lane, to 1994 when Diffie made a mullet look cool and 'John Deere Green' Joe Diffie owned the country music genre with #1 chart topping songs like 'Pick Up Man'  and 'Third Rock From The Sun'. I predict this is going to be thee song for spring break 2013.

Before you know it you will be holding up you drink cup and chanting like a true spring breaker 'Hey Joe, Joe, Joe Diffiee...Joe, Joe, Joe Diffiee...Joe, Joe, Joe Diffiee!'  The song is up-temp, fun, quirky and different, in this song Jason Aldean is paying homage to country crooner Joe Diffie.

Joe Diffie says "First of all, wow!" I mean, what else can you say but what an honor it is to have the larger part of a song reference songs of mine. The song, it puts a huge grin on his face and to think all of Jason's fans will be chanting my name, that's pretty dang cool."


While I think it's a fun song, I wonder how long I can take the chanting, come on join me, first hold up your cup and sing-a-long. Give a couple of listens, and tell me what you think of '1994'.

Now let's get outta this town, outta this club
Girl whatever you're sippin' I'ma mix it up
Take a few tick-tocks off of your clock
Put a little Third Rock in your hip-hop
I got that

1994, Joe Diffie comin' out my radio
I'm just a country boy with a farmer's tan
So help me girl I'll be your Pick-Up Man
How 'bout a night to remember and a fifth of Goose
'Bout to bust out my honky-tonk attitude
A little feel good you ain't never felt before
I'm talkin' 1994

Source: Jason Aldean 1994 song lyrics

Jason Aldean - '1994'