I've been raving about Jason Cassidy being one of the most pure country music artists on the Texas music scene since listening to his 'My Redemption' EP a couple years ago. Well, come to find out, Jason is not without some influences outside the country genre.

Lately, Cassidy has been posting videos of acoustic covers on his YouTube channel, and for the most part, they've been popular country songs. Jason's latest video performance comes from the pop-rock band Matchbox Twenty, and their hit song '3am'. Jason not only admits that he wore the song out when it came out (back in 1996), but also that he just found out the true meaning of the song. He explains, "I'd seen an acoustic deal he did on the piano, about ['3am'] being about his mom, and had cancer when he was growing up. It has a whole different meaning than what I thought it meant back then.".

Jason Cassidy - '3am'

Check out Jason's YouTube channel and see other great covers, like Conway Twitty's 'That's My Job', Eric Church's 'Like Jesus Does', Merle Haggard's 'Silver Wings' and several others. Cassidy does country-fied acoustic renditions of a couple other songs you might not expect, like rockers Papa Roach and 90's boy band Color Me Badd.

No matter what song he's singing, it's undeniable that Jason Cassidy has a great singing voice. Keep an eye on his YouTube channel to see what he comes up with next!