Clever lyrics and an easy-going delivery are generally what you can come to expect when you listen to a JB and the Moonshine Band song. Whether it's a love song, a drinking song, or something else, JBMB have a style that is all their own. That style holds true to form with their new single from the CD 'Beer For Breakfast' called 'The Only Drug'.

Lead singer and songwriter JB Patterson has written another great song. While the title doesn't exactly give away the subject, it becomes clear in the first verse:

I'd been rollin' up and down that lost highway
Doin' everything I wanted to every which way I could
As long it felt good
But there's nothin' that can make me feel the way you can
So I gave up my addictions
I'm a brand new man, it's true
'Cause all I really want is you

The chorus is catchy. Exactly what we've come to expect from a JBMB original. I almost find myself involuntarily singing along:

Baby, you got what I need
And nothin' else will do
'Cause nothin' gets me high on life
Or drunk on love the way you do
So if you're thinkin' I'm addicted
I guess it's kinda true
But they can keep their drink
Their smoke, their pills and their cocaine, too
'Cause your love's the only drug I do

The second verse is great, too.

So if my hands are kinda shaky
It's cause you ain't here
And if my eyes are red
It's just because of all these tears I've cried
Girl, you've got me feelin' cold inside
Is there anyway that I can maybe steal a kiss
'Cause that's the only way that I can think
To get my fix, I swear
Promise me you're gonna take me there

There's nothing too complex about 'The Only Drug', and I would be surprised if JB and the Moonshine Band ever put out a song that was too cerebral, and as we see from the occasional YouTube video of the band sound checking, they never seem to take themselves too seriously. Let's face it, the band has found a comfort zone that works for them, their fans and radio. As they say, 'If it ain't broke, don't fix it.'. Take a listen.

JB and the Moonshine Band - 'The Only Drug'

'The Only Drug' has a slightly slower tempo than what we're used to hearing from the Moonshine Band, but Patterson doesn't change up his delivery. The uniqueness in his voice isn't necessarily his vocal range or tone, but the cadence by witch he delivers a song. Patterson will start by smoothly rattling off lines at a rapid pace, then slowing down the vocals. After a verse or two of this, the you'll find yourself naturally swaying back and forth to another JB and the Moonshine Band song. The band has a string of successful hits on the Texas charts, and this one should continue the run. And if they push 'The Only Drug' nationally, it has a good chance to make waves in that pool, too.

JBMB is one of my favorite bands because they're different, clever, simple and musically talented. Patterson has a talent for writing songs that make an effortless connection with fans, and the band is just plain fun. There's nothing I don't like about these guys, and I couldn't ask for anything more.