John Rich is a huge winner in more than one way. Yes, he showed his skills and won Celebrity Apprentice 4 over Marlee Matlin. Being in country music we know that John is a huge supporter of St. Jude Children's Research Hospital. To me ALL were big winners last night.I have to admit I do not watch the Apprentice, however, Frank Pain from our sister station alerted me to last nights finale. The competition last night came down to Marlee Matlin and John Rich, all their winnings of course go to a charity of their choice. John chose St. Jude and Marlee chose Starkey Hearing Foundation. The winner donates $250,000 to their charity. The whole season though was about winning money for each celebrities charity and this years contestants raised more money than ever, over $3,000,000.

Even more came out of this though. John wrote a song for St. Jude called "For The Kids", which of course we will use in our radio-thons, but he had Marlee and some students "sign" the song as he sang. It will give you chills and put a tear in your eye. Check out the video of last nights performance. By the way, the song is also available on iTunes for download.