Jonny Burke is ready for everyone to take notice of his talents. The New Braunfels-based singer-songwriter has opened a lot of shows for elite talent, but now it's time for Burke to make his mark on the Texas music scene. Out on his first radio tour to promote his debut single, 'Problems', Jonny stopped by the KEAN 105 studios to introduce himself to Abilene.

Part one of my conversation included Jonny getting into great detail about his hometown. "New Braunfels, Texas. The Fighting Unicorns. Go Unicorns...the only one in the nation, man." Burke added excitedly, "I actually just found out last week...I'm booked to play our 10 year high school reunion." He went on to tell of his hometown, "When you come into town, it says big on the water tower, 'Welcome to Unicorn Country'...The jokes I've been making is, you know, everywhere you go, people are always asking 'What kind of music you play?' And, I've been thinking that's maybe kinda like a sub-genre of country music, called 'unicorn country''s got pedal steel guitar, and fiddles and stuff like that, but it's also very magical. So when people ask me what kind of music I play, lately I've been saying, 'unicorn country'". Here's the first part of our little chat:

Jonny Burke Interview - Part 1

The second part of Jonny's visit to KEAN, he explained that he's working on a full-length album. "We've got three new tracks we just put out...we're putting those out until we finish the full-length album. Going in with a lot of the Turnpike Troubadours guys, that I'm working with right now, because me and [lead singer] Evan [Felker] are good buddies and write a lot. They've been having me on the road, opening for them."

We established that both the singer and I are capable of our fair share of goofiness, so before it got too far out of hand, I had Burke play us a song called 'Mind Over Matter'. He set it up by explaining the rather strange, but true story behind the song.

Jonny Burke Interview - Part 2

We ran out of time on the air, but Jonny stuck around to play one more original song, called 'Heart of Gold'. After another fine performance, Burke proceeded to throw out a couple swear words (that's a warning, the 'web extra' is a little NSFW). He also, without coercion, offered to bring the beer next time he comes to visit in Abilene. I have proof. Take a listen:

Jonny Burke - Web Extra

Jonny is a fun, interesting and a very talented guy who is destined for more recognition. I look forward to the next time we get to visit, and not only because Burke promised beer. Find out the latest on Jonny Burke from his official website. You can also keep track of the pioneer of "unicorn country" by liking his Facebook page and following him on Twitter, and buy all of his music on iTunes.