The much anticipated Kenny Chesney single from his forthcoming album was released Friday as Kenny's fans lined up to hear 'Pirate Flag' his new song online, for the first time. No Shoes Radio is Chesney's personal internet radio station, and according to Kenny's website "the tune in was so intense, the bandwidth was filled to the brink that it was slowed to a slightly less than optimal speed." Kenny went on to say "this is crazy!"

From my personal observation, the song 'Pirate Flag' does not song like a typical Chesney tune, but then again what does? This song is written by a one-hit-wonder country artist singer/songwriter David Lee Murphy and his songwriting buddy, Ross Copperman. As it was, fans from all around the world tuned in, just to hear the first song from his new yet to be released album.

"It was crazy," Chesney laughs. "We were watching the response at ground control, and seeing the fans taking screen shots of the song on our playlists and posting them on Facebook and Twitter. All the crazy things they were setting up to get ready... It was awesome! They didn't know we were watching, but they sure were in the spirit of the song and the spirit of the No Shoes Nation, a place that has no boundaries and exists solely in your state of mind and a community of like-minded people.


"You never know, even when you think you got something... But, man, when we saw that screen shot from Luxembourg come up, we were all High 5-ing each other, cause that's the point: bringing people together wherever they may be."

Source: Kenny

Here's Kenny Chesney's new song 'Pirate Flag'

Do you like it? Does it sound like a typical Kenny Chesney 'island song'?