Here is another special artist to me but where do I start? Kenny Chesney has been one of my favorites since before he even got popular and known world wide. I had a major crush on him for years; until I realized it would never work between us. He became way too big of a star and well I'm still here doing the same thing I was doing 19 years ago.

Kenny was always down to earth when he came to visit the station. He hasn't visited in quite some time but I did have a chance to meet him again in Lubbock a few years back and he was still super nice. You may be saying, 'you're in radio he's probably always nice to you.' In Kenny's case yes that is true but it wasn't just me he was nice to each person he met that night during meet and greet.

He also likes to get out and tailgate with fans before his shows when possible. He will just drive through the parking lot on a golf cart and visit with fans. He knows without them he wouldn't be where he is now.

My new favorite song from Kenny is 'Come Over' but the song that hooked me way back when is 'Fall in Love' from his second album. That is the album that put Kenny on the map and started the ball rolling.

He released his first album on a small label called Capricorn in 1993, then was picked up by BNA in 1995 where he remained until 2010. His last 2 albums have been with Columbia Nashville. The kid from Tennessee who didn't pick up a guitar until college seems to being just fine these days.

Fall in Love

Come Over