He’s 16 year old that attends Wylie High School, but to talk to him you would think you are talking to a seasoned cycling veteran. He is Luke Allen, and I met him for the first time while broadcasting live at Bike Town’s grand opening this past Saturday. That’s when I was informed, Luke is going to represent the United States of America at the World Games in Europe in the last two weeks of August.

Allen has been training with some of the top mountain bike specialists here in Abilene, one of which is a 40 something year old friend and fellow cyclist named Richard. Luke claimed Richard was “the best mountain biker ever”, while Richard did admit that Luke “is an awesome cyclist and is tops in the field.” Richard went on to say that Luke is a natural at the sport and admitted that Luke is faster then he. All the while Luke tells me that Richard is the fastest, now I wished I’d put them through a race.



Luke seems all business at first but I got to see him at play just a bit. There’s a Unicycle in the bike rack and I mentioned in passing as a joke, “why don’t you compete in the World Games riding a unicycle?” That’s when he hops on the one-wheeler and begins to jump curbs and ride it like there’s no tomorrow. this kid is really exceptional. Get your pictures and autographs now because this young man is going to be huge.

Luke Allen leaves for Germany on the 18th of August to compete in the World Games on the American team. Luke is one of only five to represents the good ole USA. We are all praying and rooting for you Luke, let the world know where Abilene Texas is and good luck my friend. I will try to keep you posted on Luke’s journey on this very blog.