Dogs get lose and roam the streets everyday, some unfortunately are killed when hit by cars. I saw 2 dogs running down Sayles Blvd. just last week. Cars were trying to dodge them but they were just running here and there slowing everyone down. I wasn't able to see if they had tags or not and I'm hoping they made their way home safely. Having said that, this story is even more incredible.

A small poodle mix dog of about 6-7 years was running loose. A man slammed on the brakes trying to miss hitting the dog. He thought he had done so successfully, however, 11 miles down the road he was flagged down by other drivers and informed that he had a dog stuck in the grill of his car.

The police were called first and noticed that the animal was still alive. Animal services then came to remove the dog. Thinking they would find the worst they were very surprised when they removed it and found only minor injuries. The dog was taken to an animal hospital to be checked out thoroughly. Surprisingly they found the only injuries were a missing tooth and a concussion.

Who says only cats have 9 lives!