Luke Bryan has been on a winning streak lately and it's not hard to see why. He has a fun loving/laid back personality, good looks and talent. He appeals to both men and women for different reasons but nonetheless he seems to have everyone hooked on his music.

Luke started his career off as a songwriter. In fact, he co-wrote Billy Currington's hit song 'Good Directions' among others. He soon signed a recording contract and released his first album in 2007.  He co-wrote all but one song on the album.He has since released 3 more albums, each to more and more fanfare.

Luke moved to Nashville as a teenager to pursue his dream of being an entertainer. Just before he was to move though, his older brother was killed in a traffic accident. Luke still has trouble talking about the loss to this day. He decided to put his dreams on hold and worked on the family farm and attended college.

Luke's dad eventually decided Luke needed to follow his own dreams so he told him to back up and head to Nashville. Luke did just that, landing the job as a songwriter, which eventually turned into the recording contract and Luke's first hit song "All My Friends Say".

It wasn't long after Luke's first album release he was set to perform at the Grand Ole Opry. It seemed his dreams were, in fact, coming true. A few days later tragedy hit again. Luke's older sister passed away; the cause of death is still unknown. Luke recently recorded a song in honor of his siblings 'Drink a Beer' (see below). His brother and sister must be watching over him these days with smiles on their faces.

Luke has blazed a path to stardom being a 'nice guy', a 'fun guy', a 'genuine guy'. He's had numerous award nominations and recently a lot of wins! He has picked up trophies for Artist of the Year at the ACA's, ACM's Entertainer of the Year (and show co-host), Billboard's Top Country Artist, and more.

He's on to something and people like it. Keep there Luke, keep it there!

Drink a Beer