Anthony Hensley,37, a husband and father of two, drowned Saturday when he was attacked by a swan and fell out of his kayak. It sounds funny but the man’s family is in mourning and his two young children will grow up without a father.

Hensley worked for a company that used swans and dogs to keep geese off of condominium properties. He was in one of the properties ponds Saturday morning to check on the animals when he apparently got to close to the swans nesting area. The swan attacked, knocking Hensley out of his kayak.

Witnesses on hand noticed Hensley struggling to stay above the water but the swan kept attacking and by the time rescue workers showed Hensley was submerged and could not be resuscitated.

Family and friends still can’t believe something like this could happen nor can I. Why, first of all, why would you not be wearing a life vest? But I honestly don’t know how a mere swan could force someone underwater for such a time that they would drown. I’m also not familiar with the strength of a swan especially when they are protecting their nesting area. I do know other animals, such as bears and humans, would attack someone with a vengeance to protect their young.

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To what length would you go, to protect your family and children?