I've heard of some pretty creative ways to propose to a girlfriend. But, I've never heard of getting arrested by the cops to pop the question. Watch how this dude got the cops to arrest him and his girlfriend in one awesome proposal prank.

Meet Matt and Sam. Matt decided to enlist the help of the New London Police Department, to have them pull him and his girl over, and then he would pop the question.

Sam explains on her YouTube account:

"So, this is the engagement as seen from the cops video camera in his car. For those of you who don't know the story, Matt came up with and then planned the engagement with the New London Police Chief to arrest him as we were heading to our farewell family dinner with all our friends from college. It went from being the most devastating thing I have had to witness, to feeling the most ecstatic I have ever felt. Some of it is hard to hear because its all based off of the Police Chief's mic, but enjoy! Thank you New London Police for contributing and being apart of our special day!"


Well played, Matt. But, what if the dude didn't know his girl was carrying weed or some other drug on her? Talk about a major backfire. Nevertheless, the couple is happily engaged now.