We've all seen the little one minute Facebook movies, featuring a look back at our own profiles, all over our news feeds. Well one man is making a plea to see his own son's Facebook movie. The problem, is that his son died in 2012. And, since he apparently didn't know his son's Facebook password, he can't access the profile so he can see it. Watch this touching video and please share this with your friends. Maybe with our help, this man can have one more connection to his lost son.

 Update February 6th, 9:06am

Great news!

According to pix11.com, the man who made the plea for Facebook to allow him to see his deceased son's Facebook movie, John Berlin, has been contacted by Facebook and they will be letting him see the video.

Facebook spokesperson Jonathan Thaw said that the company had tried to reach Berlin, but was not able to. However, the outlet then furnished Thaw and co. with some phone numbers. Twenty minutes later, Thaw relayed the news that not only had they reached Berlin, but that Jesse’s video will be ready either tonight or tomorrow morning.

It just shows how powerful the internet and social media can be.