Martina McBride is a brilliant singer and a great entertainer. But when she's not in the recording studio or on tour, Martina loves planning parties. And apparently she's so good at it, she wants to share her knowledge with you. So, the country singer/songwriter says that she is in the process of putting together a book that shares her tips on planning a great get-together.

McBride told Country Weekly about the book project:

"It's a book that's going to have tips on entertaining at home and cooking. I love to entertain and throw dinner parties. If I wasn't doing this, I'd probably be a party planner or something."

McBride's book idea is in the very early stages, where ideas are currently being brought together. So, don't expect to find it on your Kindle any time soon.

In the interview, Martina also talked about writing songs, too. Her latest CD, 'Eleven' features six songs that McBride co-wrote, and she plans to do more songwriting on future projects.

"I wrote 'Teenage Daughters' about my three girls and I wrote about first love. It was more like speaking directly to the fans and I really enjoyed writing for that project. It's kind of liberating to come up with what I want to say instead of waiting for someone else to write it. So I do want to write more."

Read more about McBride's writing aspirations and her recent trip to Switzerland in the November 12th issue of Country Weekly, available on newsstands November 5th.

In other news, Martina's fourth 'hits' compilation, 'The Essential Martina McBride' is set to be released on Tuesday (October 22nd), and she is preparing to open for George Strait on his 'The Cowboy Rides Away' farewell tour, opening January 18th in Lubbock, Texas.

Here's Martina McBride's video for 'Teenage Daughters':