If you drive by the corner of S. 14th and Sayles this week, you most likely have noticed the beautiful, green lawn between the road and McMurry University campus buildings has been populated by camping tents. You may also notice several “panhandlers” on that street corner, who look suspiciously like college students. This is all a part of McMurry University students acting locally in order to raise awareness for a global situation.

The mission of this event, being called “World Village“, is to raise awareness and funds to help the poor in Haiti and India, as well as in Abilene.There was a similar event last year, which raised around $5,000 for Haitian relief. This year’s emphasis is more ambitious. Organizers have decided to include India’s poor as recipients of World Village’s work, and will also be helping fund missionaries to the two countries. They have also included a locally focused fundraiser, the Empty Bowls Project. Local artists have donated bowls, and local restaurants have donated soup that you can buy (suggested donation $10). Money raised from this event will benefit Abilene’s United Methodist Food Pantry.

There are other ways you can get involved, including a benefit singer/songwriter competition Saturday night at 6:30 at Radford Auditorium on the McMurry campus. Suggested donation is $10. Of course, you can help by driving by the corner of S. 14th and Sayles to drop off a contribution to World Village’s ambitious project. You can also make donations online, through the McMurry University website.