I love little monkey’s, in this case chimpanzee, they are so human like that you can’t help but get attached. This little guy will be introduced to audiences nationwide this Friday when his movie “Chimpanzee” hits theaters for Earth Day 2012.

His name is Oscar and he is 3 years old, very playful and outgoing, then he gets abandoned and left alone in the jungle. Disneynature is behind the movie “Chimpanzee” and is set to debut the film this Friday.

The audience is taken on a journey through the African jungle where we are introduced to Oscar and his family. We see Oscar and his troop mates playing, napping, feeding and living happily with their group until they are met by a rival group and Oscar is separated and left alone.

Amazingly enough another chimp, an older male, adopts Oscar and takes care of him. This is a very unusual situation in the wild and it is all caught on tape for the first time ever.

Not only is this going to be a beautiful film to see you will also be able to help chimpanzees in the wild when going to the movie. Disneynature has teamed with the Jane Goodall Institute and will make a donation on behalf of every movie goer who sees the film during the opening week (April 20-26th). The money will be used to protect chimpanzees and their habitats.

For more information about the film see the Disneynature website.

For tickets here in Abilene see Century 12 Abilene website or the Premiere Cinema 10 (Mall of Abilene) website.