Mindy McCready reportedly has been found in her home dead of a gunshot wound to the head. This coming after a very tumultuous year and the death of her boyfriend just a few weeks ago.McCready was 37 years old and leaves behind 2 young boys. Those boys had been taken from her just after the death of her boyfriend and upon her being sent to court ordered rehab. It is unclear what will happen to them at this point because few details are available at this time.

McCready's boyfriend was found dead last month, also of a gunshot wound, and his death was also ruled a suicide. However, police now say the death is suspicious and an investigation is pending upon autopsy results. Although McCready was not named a suspect in the case it was clear she was being questioned as to her possible involvement.

McCready spent 2 days in a rehab facility but was released because doctors found no drugs or alcohol in her system and she was deemed 'mentally stable' by doctors. She has fought depression and alcohol dependency in the past.

Her life was full of drama the last few years. Her ex-Billy McKnight had lost custody of their son Zander when he was accused of trying to kill McCready. She had been arrested multiple times on charges of probation violations, assaulting her mother, faking prescriptions for OxyContin, and had addictions to drugs and alcohol.

With her history and the loss of her boyfriend last month apparently it was more than McCready could handle. Her boys had been placed in foster homes and it is unclear at this time where they will end up permanently.

We will update when more information is released by officials.