Singer Mindy McCready was found dead of an apparent suicide yesterday at the age of 37 just one month after her boyfriend was found dead of apparent suicide as well. While there still aren't many details known of either death, it seems Mindy may have thought her suicide out and even left a video note of the event.It seems Mindy had been working with private investigator Danno Hanks on a video that he assumed was sending a message about suicide for David's (her boyfriend) death. The video was the last thing produced by David and sung by Mindy.

The song/video called "I'll See You Yesterday" was written by Jason Walker and Courtney Dashe, but was not intended as a song about suicide.

Mindy sent Hanks a single frame snapshot from the video the day before her death. Hanks believes now that it was a message from Mindy about her own suicide. He says he regrets not being more alert to what she had sent him.

Check out the video for yourself and see if you think she had been planning this and if her text of the video snapshot was indeed a 'message' of actions about to take place. The end of the video contains a public service announcement about suicide and knowing the signs.

"I'll See You Yesterday"