Miranda Lambert has never been one to hide her opinion or shy away from personal topics. But her feature on CBS Sunday Morning got Lambert to open up on a variety of topics all at once, in one of the more revealing interviews you'll see with the country star.

In the first clip, Miranda opens by talking about the tabloid rumors of divorce and pregnancy that seem to be on newsstands constantly. She says, "We're on magazines a lot of times...they're complete lies. Fabrications. You know, and it becomes funny." She goes on to explain that she and Blake are actually rather boring. "I don't know why people are so interested [In her and husband Blake Shelton]. We really aren't that interesting. We don't like, go out and party or do anything...get into wrecks or drive drunk or anything that would draw attention to us. I don't know what it is that people want to print...so they choose to make up things, which that's fine, too. I guess if you're being talked about, that's a good thing...I've heard that no press is bad press." Miranda also tells how the tabloids have affected her relationship with her husband, stating, "All it does is bring us closer together. Because we laugh about it. Any couple that laughs together is strong. And so, it does the opposite of whatever it's trying to do, tear us apart."

Lambert also answers questions about her weight being a topic of tabloid fodder in this first interview segment. Watch it here:

Miranda Lambert on CBS Sunday Morning

In the second interview clip, Miranda talks about the guns and wings tattoo on the inside of her forearm. "I got this when I was 22. It was the first thing I ever did without my parents." Asked what her parents thought of the tattoo, she replied, "Well, I didn't want to asked them, because I didn't want the answer. [laughs]. Oh, it was a big deal [laughs], in not a good way. But, we got past it. Dad's accepted it now, because at least it's guns. He's a cop, so he likes guns."

Miranda Lambert on CBS Sunday Morning

In other Miranda Lambert news, her latest single, 'Automatic' is still rising, and is already Lambert's ninth Billboard top-ten record in her career. It appears on her new CD, 'Platinum', in stores June 3rd.