Miranda Lambert's new song 'Mama's Broken Heart' is very reminiscent of a song Miranda did in her early years in the music industry. A song that kind of set the stage for her 'rough and tough, bad girl image' the old song is 'Kerosene.' While her superstar husband, Blake Shelton is making New Years resolutions of trying to be 'less controversial' and a 'nicer guy,' Miranda puts out another 'rough and tough, burn the town down' kind of song. I like this one as it's got, what I think are two different beats in one song, you be the judge.   

At first she starts off with a big "sigh" and a one, two beat that lays down the frame work for the slower tempo part of the song. Then as she gets wound up, she goes into what I call her "crazy white-trash attitude" song. I can just envision Miss Lambert singing this song and then stopping down in the middle of it just to stop another cat-fight, that's become very typical of her audiences. I like this song, because it's got slow then fast and fun lyrics, it's what I think is the very essence of the superstar we call Miranda Lambert. Good job Miranda, and we'll see you at the top of the charts.

Give it a listen and give me your thoughts.

This is Miranda Lambert - Mama's Broken Heart