Why is it that Mondays always seem to be the same? Computer problems, co-workers calling in sick, equipment malfunctions, last minute surprise meetings and the little anger monster lurking around our shoulders just waiting to send things into a downward spiral. So if your Mondays start off or end the same, here’s a video that will help put things into perspective. I recommend, instead of a violent temper tantrum try running to the store for a soda, the doughnut store, the ice-cream shop, your favorite fast food place for a shake or float and remember that destroying your computer just might help you find the unemployment line. These guys are way over the top, while I watch this I’m left wondering what exactly went so wrong? Is the computer the real problem or are our employers to blame for the added stress?

Here’s what I have learned that has worked best for me in controlling stressful manic Mondays and not allowing my anger show. Anger management made easy, first identify what makes you boil over, if it’s mechanical like computer or equipment problems, get the addressed by management and don’t let a machine get the best of you, in short know what triggers you. Second there’s the biology of anger, the brain is where anger lives and the brain needs it’s own healthy area to reside in, and that involves using herbal supplements such as Vitamin D, Fish Oil and Valerian Root. All of these supplements are available over the counter at local drug or health food stores, work on putting your trigger level on normal. It’s been my experience, that supplemental vitamins are oftentimes more effective than prescription medications without all the side effects and cost of prescribed drugs. I’m not a doctor but I know that anger is bad on the heart and bad for ones health altogether. So, ask yourself, “what makes you angry?” Identification is the first step to ending those anger filled Mondays once and for all.