This is something educational and enlightening  for any farmer here in the Big Country.  This Friday the Texas AgriLife Extention Service will be conducting their annual multi-county wheat tour beginning at 8:30 am.The tour begins at the Taylor County Demonstration plots just off of Hwy 351, then it will travel to the Callahan County plots near Eula.

Farmers will be able to view the plots and hear the latest information on current crops.  There will be agronomist from San Angelo and College Station lecturing on the wheat fertility, varieties and current conditions.  They will also discuss, seed treatments and insect transmitted diseases and more.

If you are a wheat farmer then this is will be a great opportunity for you to learn some valuable information and ask questions of the experts.  This is a huge industry in our area and from what I’ve seen lately, if the rains continue, this might be a good year! Fingers crossed.

For more information on the event you can contact the AgriLife Extension office here in Taylor County at 325-672-6048.

More great information on services, events, resources and programs can be found on the AgriLife Extension website.