The Olympics will be getting under way in less than 2 weeks. There has been controversy already; from the USA uniforms to the security being provided by a private company not meeting standards. Once the games are underway no one will remember any of that though. It’s all about the sports.

Events are quite encompassing. There are 35 events in the Olympic games (winter and summer), everything from archery to wrestling. I didn’t realize there were that many because I’ve only been interested in a handful myself.

When I was little my mom and I would watch the opening/closing ceremonies, diving, synchronized swimming and gymnastics during the summer games and ice skating during the winter games. Those were and still are my favorite events.

I still remember the 1984 Olympics when Mary Lou Retton competed and won with a perfect 10! She beat out the Romanian competition, they were separated by less than 1 point and she had to have the 10 to win. It was the coolest thing I had ever seen.

Every girl back then wanted to be Mary Lou. She was cute and spunky and an Olympic Gold Medal winner. I still remember her huge smile when she landed the vault. I found the video clip of that moment on YouTube; still gives me goosebumps.

So with the games coming soon what events are you most looking forward to watching?