I was walking through the hallway of the Townsquare Media studios, when I noticed an odd-looking, handwritten note posted on the door of the on-air studio I use on a daily basis. This message was not so much instructional as it was a commentary on just how many Twizzlers I'm capable of consuming in a day.

In fact, the note had several Twizzlers wrappers taped to it, stating

"My name is Dave and I have an ADDICTION! PLEASE HELP"


Obviously, I didn't write that note. The neat handwriting and nifty tape job could only point toward one craft-minded person in the office, and that would be Shay.

I was quick to respond with a witty comeback (at least I thought so). Rather than rip Shay's note down in disgust, I taped a note underneath hers which read:

"I'm Shay, and I'll pick through the trash if it means I get to make fun of Dave."


Ha! Take that!

The fact is, I am somewhat addicted to Twizzlers. I've known this for years. That information somehow got to Vicki, the Townsquare 'Candy Queen' (I told her), and she has done an amazing job of keeping the delicious, fake strawberry flavored treats in stock for a couple months now. The result? Every room I spend time in at work has a waste basket loaded with empty Twizzlers wrappers.


I can't help it. Like the potato chip commercial says, "no one can eat just one", I can't eat only one Twizzlers candy. I usually grab a handful of 8-10 of them at once, then go off to devour them as if I haven't eaten anything in a week.

Everybody has a favorite candy. But do you have a favorite candy that you can't get enough of?