The NASCAR Sprint Cup series was at one of my favorite tracks this past weekend (May 5th) - Talladega Super Speedway. If you like big wrecks and high speeds, this track never disappoints because there is always a huge wreck. In fact, there were several this past weekend, and even one where a driver ended up upside down as you'll see with a video recapping the race.

With the new cars that NASCAR started using this year, the pack drafting or tandem drafting is pretty much gone. No longer can drivers just push another driver and hang on to their bumper for 499 miles. The new car allows for drivers to actually race around a little bit as opposed to just riding around.

There was plenty of actual racing this time around. Watch as David Reagan takes the checkered flag in one of the wildest Talladega finishes seen in a quite a while.

Check out this extended recap that highlights the wrecks and the crazy driving these dudes had to do.

NASCAR Recap at Talladega