If you know me, you know how big a firearms fan and proponent that I am, so when this video came across my email I knew I wanted to share it with you. First off it’s a caliber I’ve never heard of, a .950 and shoots a 2,400 grain bullet, which costs about $40.00 per round. Now remember I’m a shooting sports enthusiast , hunter and gunsmith so my next question is, who can afford to shoot this thing and further more why?


At first I was impressed with it’s looks and size, it uses 240 grains of gun powder to propel the 2,400 grain bullet an amazingly slow 2,100 feet per second and it kicked like ten 30.06 rifles being fired all at once, I thought “this ain’t for me, not even as a, look what I got guys.” I don’t even think that the scope on this gun could stay accurate, with the shooter knowing the impending kick it’s about to dispense. So what would you use this rifle for, keeping rabid zombie elephants out of your front yard? I too am a fan of the .50 cal. but what would you use that for, eliminating aluminum block Chevy Vegas of the earth? I’ll stick to my tried and true fun to shoot .22′s, .223, .308, 7mm and .300 Win mag. at least there’s still lots of ammo for them at my local Walmart. If you’ve got a gun that’s unique, tell me about it.