Because of the Labor Day holiday, some of you might have missed these new Texas laws went into effect as of September 1st.

With almost 700 new bills that went into effect on September 1st, it would take forever to sift though them all. So, here are some of the more notable ones to check out.

  • Revenge Porn

    Sharing pictures or videos that are meant to be private will now be a Class A misdemeanor. So, if your ex starts throwing around some old pictures of you from some steamy night you shared, that is a no no.

    BartekSzewczyk via Thinkstock
  • Guns at the Airport

    Anyone with a  concealed handgun license can now avoid being arrested for bringing a pistol inside an airport's secure zone. In the past, it was a 3rd degree felony. So if you forget you got your piece with you, at least you won't get thrown in the slammer as long as you have a license to carry.

    Stephen Chernin, Getty Images
  • Hair Stylist Law

    Few may have known this, but it used to be illegal for a hair dresser to do their work at events like weddings - until now. Pretty sure many were already breaking this strange law in the past.

    Mario Tama, Getty Images
  • Underage Alcohol Tasting

    Even if they're not quite 21 yet, students in some hospitality and culinary classes can now taste test alcohol in certain classes.

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  • No Vaping for Kids

    Under the new Texas law, vaping or e-cigarettes can no longer be sold to minors. Some shops had already adopted this practice, but now it is illegal to do.

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  • Motorcycle Lights

    To help them be seen much better, bikers can now put non-flashing amber or white LED lights on their bike. Personally, I think this rule is long overdue.

    Chip Somodevilla, Getty Images
  • Body Cavity Searches

    Police are not required to get a warrant before doing any body cavity searches during a cavity search. So, if you see an officer snap on the white rubber glove, make sure they have a warrant first.

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  • Search and Seizure of Cell Phones

    Police must now get a warrant to search a person's cell phone or other wireless communication device.

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  • Official Nickname of Texas

    Though many, including myself, might have thought that "the Lone Star State" was already Texas' official nickname, as of September 1st, it is now.


  • Fake Military

    This new law actually upgraded a previous law. So now if someone lies about being in the military, they can now face jail time.