Steve Rice is the frontman for the band "No Justice" and has recently been through 3 major surgeries that turned out to be life threatening. He is doing much better and is finally home resting.

Last Monday (March 18th) Rice headed to the emergency room with chest and stomach pains. The first diagnosis revealed an extreme case of an enlarged gallbladder which lead to his first surgery. Chest pains persisted and x-rays and tests found fluid around Rice's heart. A second surgery was performed to remove 1 liter of fluid from around his heart which was determined to be the result of a viral infection. Later that evening his fever spiked and his body began to shut down. The fluids were again collecting around his heart but also in his lungs this time, causing pneumonia. This led to the 3rd surgery for Rice to again remove the fluids.

We are glad to say that he is now at home resting and reportedly feeling much better. Rice says, "The Big Man upstairs took care of me. He obviously has big plans for my life."

A benefit concert will take place tonight in Stillwater, Oklahoma to help raise money to offset Rice's hospital expenses.

Our thoughts and prayers go out to Steve for a continued speedy recovery.

For more information on this weekends canceled tour dates and subsequent reschedules please check the No Justice website or Facebook page.