Lt. Brian Brennan 101st Airborne US Army suffered a brain injury and lost both of his legs while three fellow soldiers lost their lives in a roadside bomb attack in Afghanistan. His doctors declared that Lt. Brennan would never recover and would remain in a deep comatose state for the rest of his life. That was until his boss Army Gen. David Petraeus showed up by his bedside and counted to three and said the word “Currahee”.

As Lt. Brennan lay there in his hospital bed he clearly heard his commander Gen. David Petraeus say “1,2,3 Currahee.” Brian Brennan sat right up in bed and started mumbling and pounding what was left of his legs on the bed. The word Currahee is  a Cherokee word meaning “We stand Alone Together”, and was adopted by branches of the U.S. Army as a motto or shout-out to the Army brotherhood.

The rest of this miraculous story is on this video, I’m warning you though, grab some tissues.