Many times we hear about people who buy someone else's coffee or lunch for no other reason than being a good person. Many people refer to that as 'paying it forward'. I'm a huge believer in karma and definitely feel that if you 'pay it forward' then the good turn will come back on you some day.

Well, today, that good turn by a Taco Bell employee paid off big-time.

Here's the whole story. My buddy, Kris Randolph, had a terrible start to his day after finding out about the passing of his grandmother. Well, he was obviously distracted and unknowingly left his house without his wallet. While in the drive-thru at an Abilene area Taco Bell (Buffalo Gap Road), Kris realized his wallet was at home. Instead of making Kris drive off without his food, Rhonda (Taco Bell employee) told him she'd pay for his food and that he could pay her back later. That's when Kris asked her about her favorite sports team. Like most in this area, she replied it was the Dallas Cowboys. What she didn't know was that Kris was the owner of VIP Sports Getaway, a company that takes fans to various events (including Cowboys games) aboard luxury transportation. Suffice it say, Kris has plenty of Dallas Cowboys tickets. So, that's when Kris followed Rhonda's steps in paying it forward. He went to his office, grabbed a pair of tickets then went back to Taco Bell to present those tickets to Rhonda in front of the entire restaurant. To say she was excited is an understatement.

Rhonda didn't have to pay for Kris' food and Kris didn't have to give her highly sought after tickets to the Dallas Cowboys. They both did what they did because they're good people.

I think both Rhonda and Kris are the perfect role-models for paying it forward. You never know whose life your next good deed will impact.

Get out there and pay it forward!