Patty Loveless was largely popular in the 80's and 90's and she remains in high demand as a vocal duet partner today. Patty has made a name for herself in several genres of music, mainly in Country, Pop-Country and in the Bluegrass music scene. Patty Loveless fans, no need to search the web to find all of Patty's 'official music videos’.

We’ve got them all right here.

"Don't Toss Us Away"

"I'm That Kind Of Girl"


"I Try To Think About Elvis"

"Like Water Into Wine"

"Out Of Control Raging Fire" Featuring Travis Tritt

"Lonely Too Long"

"God Will But I Won't"


"Blame It On Your Lyin' Cheatin' Heart"

"How Can I Help You Say Goodbye"


"If My Heart Had Windows" Featuring Vince Gill