Sunday after Church, I migrated the family over to the Cracker Barrel off of I-20. The place was packed but we were seated within a short period of time and everybody I encountered was friendly and (what seemed to me) in a joyous Holiday mood. As I was informed by our very friendly server Heather, she said “for that past couple of hours something really strange has been going on, this very table you are sitting at is where it all got started.


You see, there were four people seated here and when the elder gentleman at the table got through eating, he asked for his ticket and the ticket for the table behind yours.” She continued “he told me to tell them that he was paying it forward and to have a Merry Christmas, wasn’t that awesome?” Heather went on to say that when she told said table that their ticket was taken care of and that someone was paying it forward, then that table, asked for another tables ticket and instructed her to tell them the same thing.


Heather told me this continued on for a while longer as table after table kept paying other tables tabs, a couple hours passed when someone broke the chain and didn’t Pay It Forward. While this is not a new concept, especially around the Holidays, it seems to be catching on a lot more this year. Just last week there were news reports of the “Pay It Forward” effect happening at several Starbucks Coffee houses and also at some department stores where complete strangers are paying off peoples lay-away’s. Many of the people that had their lay-away paid off said this kind gesture has restored their faith in humanity.


This is the news video of the KMart store where many peoples lay-away’s were paid off.