Warmer weather is here and my thoughts are all about the "Great Outdoors". I was discussing a recent camping trip with Shay in the midday and the conversation turned to the fact , tents are a pain in the butt to put up. Then she tells me about this so called "One Minute Coleman Tent" and how "easy & fast" the tent goes up...well that's easy for most two armed people to say but 98% of the time I'm left to do things ALL BY MY SELF! get the picture...A one minute tent...GET REAL SHAY, put down the Dixie cup and step away from the cool-aide Shay...

WOW it's true! Check it out.

OK, so where do I get one. I am sold by the video alone. When I get one, I too

will have my own video of "ME" pitching my own tent and I'll do it in under a minute. The Coleman folks don't know this, but they just gave me a challenge. I'll let you know if this, "one minute tent" is fact or fiction. Stay tuned.