Peeps...those cute little marshmallow bunnies and chicks are on the store shelves right now. Tempting little critters and they have a long history. Peeps are made by the Just Born Company the same company that makes Mike and Ikes, Hot Tamales and more. Peeps have been around since the '50's and they haven't lost their popularity, in fact they've gained popularity.

The company began in 1910 but Peeps didn't come along until 1953 when it's parent company the Rodda Candy Company was acquired by Just Born. According to the company's website it is now the world's largest marshmallow treat manufacturer.

Peeps are only produced 4 times a year; Valentine's, Easter, Halloween and Christmas. Well that is until now. They have just announced that Peeps will be a year-round snack in 3 new flavors. The treats will be almost have their normal size and come in sour watermelon, strawberry cream and chocolate cream.

Did you know that Peeps have been the #1 selling NON-CHOCOLATE Easter candy for over 20 years? You can find more fun trivia on the Peeps website.

The marshmallow treats aren't just for eating anymore either. There are all kinds of decorations you can make with them like wreaths, centerpieces and more. In fact last year our business manager made a Peeps tree for our lobby decoration. You can find some fun projects on the Peeps site.

Easter will be Sunday, April 20th this year so hurry and get your Peeps!