What do you get when you cross power tools and pumpkins? The answer is quite scary. It’s as well known fact that I am the original tool guy and I love power tools, I own at least one of every kind. So when the holidays roll around I am the first to say, “hey I’ll help decorate just let me go get my saws, drills, grinders, welders and oh yea what size nail gun do we need?” It’s true my power tool loving friends, you can carve a real scary pumpkin (in record time I might add) with real power tools. While I was watching one of my favorite TV shows on DIY, Amy (the hottie) Matthews shows us how to get started putting those handy tools to good use.

First we must find a perfect pumpkin, then the fun begins. While I’ve yet to figure out how to weld on to a pumpkin, (I’ll have to get back to you on that dilemma) I’ve found a few power tools that are of great assistance. A reciprocating saw, jig saw, welding grinder and a cordless drill are the most common that I recommend for the simple task of pumpkin carving. Please do not attempt to replicate this pumpkin carving stuff without first understanding the safety features of your power tools and wear gloves and eye protection too. Pick your design and transfer it onto the gourd and get to work. Most importantly,have fun! happy Halloween y’all!