If you're afraid of spiders like me, then you will definitely freak out with this video from Brazil where it is raining spiders.  

I've said it before, that spiders are one of my biggest fears.  To help get over my fears, I got a tattoo of a big hairy looking black widow on my right arm.  The tattoo doesn't bother me, but it didn't help my fears - I'm still scared of them.  So scared, that if this happened here in Abilene, I would literally scream like a little girl as I'm running as far as I can away from these insects from hell.

In the video, thousands of little 8-legged demons are seen dangling from their webs off of electrical lines, which gives the appearance that it is raining spiders. This is the short version of the video.  If you want the longer version, just go to YouTube.  Again, if you are afraid of spiders, you have been warned.

Raining Spiders in Brazil

So, does this video freak you out?  Feel like spiders are all over you now?