Rain is a very precious thing in our part of the world as we’ve seen with recent droughts. However, there are some things we can do to preserve what we do have and receive from nature. It’s called “Rainwater Harvesting” and you can find out all the ways to conserve and protect our water resources by attending the free workshop at the Abilene Public Library on Thursday, May 10th.

The workshop will begin at 6:30 pm and feature rainwater specialist Dennis Boeshart and Jo Rake from the Taylor County Extension Service Master Gardeners. They will speak about conservation techniques and ways to protect our water resources all while saving you money.

Some conservation techniques include catching and using rainwater to help plants grow while at the same time reducing demands for chemicals and fertilizers. They will also share with you ways to create rain garden landscapes, and attracting wildlife with rainwater harvesting.

Dennis and Jo are well trained and certified on the topic of rainwater harvesting and ready to share their knowledge with the public at this free event.

For more information on this event check the Abilene Public Library calendar of events.