The Randy Rogers Band earned the right to stretch his boundaries a long time ago. The success they have seen in his 13+ years as a Texas country singer/songwriter allows that, and his legions of fans embrace the fact that Rogers pushes the creative envelope and still makes great music. With a new CD, 'Trouble' coming out April 30th, at least one song from the album has a very different feel from what we've heard from RR in the past, and that's the latest single, 'Fuzzy'.

The story behind the song follows a man who is trying to recall everything that happened the night before, after being talked into a night on the town with a down-on-his-luck cousin. He hesitates at first, giving the responsible "I have to work early tomorrow" excuse, but the storyline that follows explains that it didn't work.

'Fuzzy' has a 70's southern rock-meets-outlaw country feel right out of the gate, with a slow dragging guitar riff you might come to expect on a Ray Wylie Hubbard or Ryan Bingham record. But when the vocals kick in, Rogers' voice makes the song his own.

Got a call from my cousin
Come and get me right now
Cause I done lost my woman
And I need a night out

Said I can't burn it down
Cause I'm gettin up early
I'm down for one round
But around 1:30
I was sittin at a Waffle House
I think I had grits
Started hittin on a waitress
Everything after that gets fuzzy

If you're listening for a chorus, there really isn't one. If you're looking to dance to this song at a honky tonk, you'll need to use your imagination a little bit. 'Fuzzy' is closer to the Rock/Americana genre of music than dancehall country. But it's still Randy Rogers, and this is a great song for hanging out with friends, having beers and singing along.Chances are, you can dance to the next one.

Who the hell is Heather
And when were we together
Cause I've got every letter of her name on my chest
Think I got a shiner
And a cigarette burn
Nothing in that bottle of tequila but the worm

Its fuzzy
Like static on the radio
My head feels funny
I lost my watch
I lost my clothes
And all of my money

I can envision this song showing up on one of the soundtracks for The Hangover movie franchise. It's slow, grinding feel and obvious storyline parallels make it a perfect fit.

I love this song, and want to hear it side-by-side with the rest of the Texas Country and Red Dirt music on the radio. It offers something different, out of the ordinary, and may very well send out a wave of influence to an up-and-coming crop of Texas-based singer/songwriters in the future. Check out the lyric video for 'Fuzzy' here: