If you are in the belief that science is getting out of control, that the medical field is playing God at times, and that reproductive medical scientists are pushing the outer limits. Hardin Simmons University will be tackling all of the above. HSU professors and guest speakers will discuss the subject of ‘Bioethics’. The upcoming ethics forum is a two-day event and is set for March 22-23, 2012, on the HSU campus. Organizers say that this will be an annual event.


So what is ‘Bioethics’? It is typically regarded as the discussion of theological, ethical, compassionate care, colliding with medicine and/or science. These debates worldwide have put philosophers, health care professionals, theologians, lawyers, economists, psychologists, sociologists, anthropologists and certain historians at the same table to possibly develop an agreeable middle ground for Christians and scientists/doctors to agree upon. Do you think it will ever happen?