Rich O'Toole's new single, 'Messin' Around' shows off something of a transformation for the Texas country singer. Known in the past for being a country music artist with a rock edge, it seems as though O'Toole has sanded down the rough side and has a new, smooth delivery.

'Messin' Around' may have casual Texas music fans wondering who the artist is at first listen. O'Toole's new single is very easy to listen to. The relaxed-fit, Don Williams-meets-Cory Morrow-esque song doesn't shock you in any way. The easy going opening guitar riff is nice to the ears, and leads well into the opening verse:

Hey baby, what you doin'? Are you looking for a good time?
Let's leave this city in the rear view, yeah, lets take a ride
Girl I'll pick you up in my old truck, yeah we'll blow this town
Let's take off heading into nowhere, just messin' around

This isn't an untold story. What makes this song is the delivery. The playful lyrics on 'Messin' Around' matches perfectly with the music, and its clever hook is infectious:

We can drop a line off in a honey hole
And drop a tailgate down off an old dirt road
I'll pick a few songs on my Epiphone while you sing along
Hey baby, how's that sound?
Yeah, me and you, messin' around

I can't get over how comfortable this song is. I like Rich's voice on 'Messin' Around', and he's always got great players on his records. I could continue to translate the lyrics for you, but you need to actually hear them to appreciate what O'Toole has done.

In his years of singing and songwriting, this is the best Rich O'Toole song I've heard. That's hard to say, because Rich has seen success previous songs on Texas music charts. 'Messin' Around' sounds like O'Toole has emerged as a more mature artist.

If 'Messin' Around' is any indication of the quality of Rich O'Toole's music for the foreseeable future, he is going to have a lot more fans. Not just in Texas, but country music fans across the nation. Simply put, this song may be one that gives Rich O'Toole a breakthrough to the next level of an already accomplished career.