Whenever Roger Creager comes to town, you never know exactly what strange fun is in store. It seems as though Creager finds a way to make his shows different every time, even if you've seen him 100 times. The same applies with interviews.

I've interviewed Roger Creager several times, and the conversation seems to go in a different direction every time. The most recent conversation is no exception. In the first part of my chat with Roger, we talked about the weather. "Whenever we play in places where the cold weather blows right in, it's harder to get people out. But if the cold has been there for a week or so, oh by then everybody has cabin fever and the place is packed.". He talked about the game plan for his next visit to the Lucky Mule (12/6). "I'm doing something special...'The Roger Creager Piano Bar & Party Song Singalong', so we've been practicing...And we'll incorporate a little bit of that into the show. We'll do our regular show and play some of our older songs...some of the new songs, but we're also going to throw in a little bit of the 'Piano Bar & Party Song Singalong'.". It promises to be fun. Take a listen to part one of my interview with Roger:

In the second part of my interview with Roger Creager, I asked if he constantly strives to keep his show fresh and entertaining for his fans. He says, "I do. I grew up listening to Jerry Jeff Walker and Jimmy Buffett, and wanted to have a show like that. And I also was a big fan of Billy Joel. Billy Joel was the one who took the rowdiness of the piano bar atmosphere...he took that to the rock and roll stage. And Jimmy Buffett, my god, I mean that's just a whole environment there. That's a whole way of life. And so I've always tried to bring that to my live shows.". Roger also talked about a couple of new songs he's written recently that he may break out when he comes to Abilene, and discussed the finer points of floating Texas rivers in the hot summer sun. Check out part 2 of the interview:

In the final part of Roger Creager's visit, we talked about his plans to make a series of horrendously bad music videos (so bad, they're good) and putting them on YouTube. He also reminded Abilene that, even though it's supposed to be cold when he rolls into town Friday, there are ways to stay warm at a Roger Creager Show. He tells us, "I don't know how science works, but somehow, drinking cold beer keeps you warm. I haven't figured it out, but it's science.". Here's the rest of my interview with Roger Creager:

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