I've been struggling with my weight for 27 years. When Donna and first I married, I weighed 155 pounds and wore a size 30 waist pants. Today, with a little help from doctor prescribed steroids, I quit smoking, the lack of physical activity, my job and my poor late night food choices, my weight has gone as high as 337 pounds. To start my New Year off right, I am resolving to lose weight for 2014.

First, I admit I have a weight problem, I plan to get out from in front of this computer and get some exercise. I have resolved myself to walking at least 30 minutes a day, for starters.

I need to make better choices on what I eat. I will cut back on fried and fast foods, and eat the foods I learned to eat while I was on those many different weight loss programs. I resolve to eat better, healthier foods.

I resolve to getting away from this computer by giving my word recognition software a chance to work. When I first got the software I/it made so many mistakes that I gave up on it. In 2014 I will work with my Dragon speak software so that I can get my work done faster and thus get away from this computer.

Finally, I resolve to not eat late night if at all possible, if I do have to eat late I will try to make wise choices. my 2014 resolution is to lose weight, I'm putting it out here for the world to see so that I can better myself. here's to a better 2014.

Photo by: Rudy Fernandez