I was back on the road again this weekend, taking my road trip to places I can make in a day. Since spring turkey season started last weekend, I found myself in Albany for the Wild Turkey Foundations (WTF) annual banquet. I thought of stopping at the infamous 'Beehive,' but time didn't allow it on that trip. As I drove home that night, I continued thinking about past hunting trips and the places me and my hunting buddies would frequent. Well known places like the Beehive Restaurant and Saloon in Albany, El Cazadores, Rancho Loma, Casa Cabana and the Lowake Steak House in Lowake Texas. The later was this trips destination.

I headed south of Abilene, to Lowake Texas, there's really not much there to see other than Lake O.H Ivy and a lot of awesome ranches to hunt on. Today though, I was in search of the infamous Lowake steaks and onion rings. They offer a KC for one or for up to twenty or more (the skies the limit). Either way it's those famous steaks that captured my thoughts and had my stomach growling the entire trip. The Lowake Steakhouse has changed hands, and I was told that some things had changed. Upon arrival I couldn't tell that much had changed, except that a few more neon signs were hanging inside the restaurant.

The smell in the air was definitely that of their famous garlic grilled steak. The salad bar is simple and everything on it was fresh. What brought everything full circle was that huge plate of their signature hand cut, hand breaded onion rings. By the time the KC for two showed up I was so ready.

The steaks and food were great and the atmosphere was the same as it was 10 to 15 years ago. I did ask the server "why no grill marks on the steaks?" The owner Kerry Goetz came over and said "the steaks are cooked on a griddle." Nonetheless, it was better than I remembered it to be.

Lowake Steakhouse has been in business since 1951, and is now owned and operated by the son of a waitress that worked there for decades. Goetz said his mother had always dreamed of owning the Lowake Steakhouse. A few years ago the original owner sold it to Goets and his mother. Unfortunately Goetz's mom passed away after owning it a short while.

If you've got the time (it's an hour and fifteen minute drive,) you'll see some beautiful West Texas country-side and you'll get to enjoy some great food and hospitality.

Who knows where the road will take us next weekend, maybe to a place you recommended. No matter where I go, check back for updates. If you have any suggestions let me know and I'll try to plan a 'Rudy Road Trip' to your neck of the woods.

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