Scotty McCreery is not only American Idol's youngest winner, a singer/songwriter making his way to the top but now he's also the newest spokesperson for 'Bojangles' restaurant. He's recorded a couple of pretty funny commercials recently to promote the food chains famous chicken and biscuits.

We don't have a 'Bojangles' in Texas, they are on the South Eastern coast, but Scotty is from North Carolina and knows the food well. In fact in one commercial Scotty is on his tour bus giving an interview and talking about the things he misses most when on the road.

He starts talking about the food; the chicken, biscuits and sweet tea....from 'Bojangles' not his mom's home cooking. Then his bus drives right by his home where his family is standing in the front yard with welcome home signs. Of course, he stops at 'Bojangles' before he even visits his family. That's just how good the food is!

The next commercial is Scotty and friends in a recording studio when someone brings in a bag of food from the restaurant and starts handing out the orders. Scotty has ordered both a lunch combo and breakfast sandwich (they serve breakfast all day). His friends tease him about ordering both and Scotty quips "I call it brunch".

There are a few other commercials all featuring Scotty and the band eating the famous chicken from the restaurant even if it means a crowd of 20,000 must wait.

He will probably be eating at 'Bojangles' quite a bit over the next few months as he will be touring almost every weekend from now until November with his 2013 Weekend Road Trip Tour. To find a date Scotty will be playing near you be sure to check his touring schedule.

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