'Shark Week' on Discovery Channel starts this Sunday (June 26th). And, to enhance your viewing pleasure a lot, check out these official rules for the 'Shark Week' drinking game.

Shark Week Drinking Game Rules

  • 1 drink - If anybody that speaks in an Australian, or British accent
  • 1 drink - Anytime you see a Great White shark
  • 1 drink - Anytime a shark is tagged with a tracking device
  • 2 drinks - Anytime someone is referred to as a "shark expert"
  • 2 drinks - Any reenactment scene
  • 2 drinks - If a chewed up surf board is shown
  • 2 drinks - If a shark is trapped or caught, take 2 drinks
  • 2 drinks - Anytime someone is referred to as a 'shark expert'
  • 3 drinks - When someone gives advice on how to survive a shark attack
  • 3 drinks - Anytime the movie 'Jaws' is referenced
  • 3 drinks - If anybody gets submerged in a cage
  • 4 drinks - If a seal or any other shark prey gets away
  • 5 drinks - Anytime you hear the "Jaws" theme song
  • If anyone is severely hurt or dies, down your drink in their honor
  • When a shark jumps out of water, begin drinking and don't stop until the shark is fully back in the water

So, that's my version of the 'Shark Week' drinking game.  What are some other rules you would add?

Ponder that as you watch this insane dude on a paddle boat with a great white shark lurking around.

Townsquare Media never condones underage drinking and, as always, we remind you to drink responsibly – do not ever drink and drive.