So it seems that the Mattel toy company has released a Mexico Barbie and it is causing quite a stir. With current immigration troubles between the U.S. and Mexico the company is getting a lot of it's "stereotyping" and "insensitive" comments from the public.

The doll is dressed in a bright pink festive dress, carries a chihuahua dog and comes with a passport. This is not something unique to the Mexican Barbie though. All of the Dolls of the World come with a native animal and a passport.

Now I have to say I've been to Mexico on cruise ship stops and when we pull into port the folks greeting us are dressed in similar wardrobe to this doll. When you walk down the street you see dancers dressed just as this doll is; you walk into any store and you will find festive dress and sombreros to purchase. The national dress/attire of Mexico is Mariachi and colorful dresses for women. It varies some from region to region but in general is the same.

The Chihuahua is considered a national animal to Mexico, as that is where it was first bred. Other options could have been the Crested Caracara, the golden eagle or the Mexican hairless dog. The Chihuahua is most recognizable as I'm sure that's why it was chosen.

As for the passport, which seems to be a major point of contention with this doll, is something that you legally must have to travel into and out of the U.S. and or any other country for that matter. All of the "Dolls of the World" include a passport, this particular doll was not singled out.

I'm not sure why this particular doll has set some people off as it is a beautiful tribute to the country, in my eyes. I also believe that if you do not care for it then you do not have to buy it. As a consumer, that is your strongest tool in making a point to a company.